What to expect from your Psychotherapy or Counselling consultation?

Once you make the decision of seeking professional help, at Supportive Family Services we meet with the client/s for a first session. If your concern is regarding your child or children, we first meet with parents or caregivers. This introductory session, is the opportunity that you have to talk about your concerns. The psychotherapist/counsellor, taking your concerns into account will offer you some options to work on the solutions. Depending on your concerns and desires we can offer a short-term or long-term therapy with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions, in individual, group, couple or family sessions. All these options and more would be discussed in the first session.

Recognizing that we are working with people and everyone is different and has different needs and feelings, together we will build a plan that best fits you and your family’s needs.

Once you decide to start, the psychotherapist/counsellor will work with you and/or your children to identify and address feelings and behaviours that might be keeping you from fulfilling your full potential.

When working with children and teenagers, the psychotherapist/counsellor uses strategies according to their interests. When working with children, as usually their natural way of communicating is through play, this is a tool that is very often used in therapy with them at Supportive Family Services, as well as drawings and verbal communication. With teenagers, depending on their interests and preferred way of communication the psychotherapist/counsellor might use some other tools too other than verbal communication.

It is important to emphasize once again, that throughout the whole process, the most important goal at Supportive Family Services is to work with people’s strengths. Even though sometimes it is hard for people to find the positive side and strengths of someone else or even themselves, the psychotherapist/counsellor at Supportive Family Services is skilled and trained to find these and work with them, promoting the desirable changes.